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Divine Wai

Buy 2 500ml jars for $100

Buy 2 500ml jars for $100

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Have you tried the ultimate superfood yet?

Elevate your heath game with our Sea moss gels

Say hello to a revitalised you, as you indulge in the goodness of natures finest

From supporting your gut health to promoting glowing clear skin, to boosted energy levels. Let the benefits of our Sea moss gels fuel your journey to wellness.


Note: our sea moss gels last 2-3 weeks which is more than enough time to finish the jar if sticking to the daily dosage (2-4 tsp p/day). If you skip a few days or think you may forget, be sure to freeze some of your gel in ice cube trays. This will extend its shelf life up to 4 months. 

chuck a sea moss ice cube or 2 in your smoothies or drinks and your good to go.


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